Everyday we grow a consciousness as humankind about the impact we are having on our planet, and how we can make a difference here – both with our daily way of living as with they way we travel. In general, people travel a long way to arrive to South America by plane, which has an automatic impact on our planet. But what if the balance at the end is positive? Is it possible to create a travel together that the sum of all things if positive instead of negative? The impact of tourism in Ecuador, when done consciously and using the resources of the country, contributes so much more to the country and the people, than the extracting industries. And creates natural ambassadors around the globe of this beautiful spot in the world, its ecological products and create a tolerance in the world for diversity and differences.


Carbon Offset Experiences

Although we will minimize as much as possible the carbon footprint generated by your travels, we can calculate the carbon footprint of our activities, not only while travelling but also our daily year-round activities, and actively help directly to counter this by planting trees and vegetation to counter it. Many activities, both big and small can have an impact: adopt a tree, help plant a forest, or collaborate in beach and river cleaning days.

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Concious Experiences

Generating consciousness, in ourselves and the people whose lifes we touch is maybe the biggest impact we can generate while travelling. Getting to know and becoming conscious on how the ingredients of our meals are produced, learning about the food chain, seeing the reality of how the use of plastic affects our oceans, seeing how other ways of living and circular economies are possible, and becoming aware of the direct impact of education on people. Being there in person and making other people part of the process has an immense effect on our way of life and our perception of the world.

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Circular Economy Experiences

Tourism can be one of the most inclusive economic sectors in the world, when planned consciously. The circle of people within a country that have a positive impact of tourism can be big and very inclusive. Transparency is key, and we will provide you with all information about the impact you will have on the local economy, and how the money you spend travelling circulate through the local economy.

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We Create personalized Dream Trips

The concept of Biulu Travel was born out of the our own personal idea that knowledge and expertise necessary for creating amazing and personalized travel experiences and excellent in-country service should be independent and not linked in anyway to the height of the budget one can and is willing to spend on accommodation and such. How can it be that if you want the best legal advice you can pay a lawyer just for that, and know that it is independent – but in the travel business this is not the case. Sharing our knowledges, our first hand experiences, and most of all the love for the countries we live work and travel in, is what we love to do. Our initial base is Ecuador, where one of the founders of the company is located, with the intention to grow to other countries where we know there are like-minded people!

All of us working for Biulu also work or have worked for other operating agencies and are happy that we can now share our knowledge and service directly with you, and not only to other operators!