For Kids!

Travelling as a family is a wonderful experience! And it does not matter how your family is composed, or if you are bringing the extended family along, stepping out of our daily routine, we make us wonder and discover new parts of ourselves and others. Sometimes it is a challenge to design an itinerary that has something of interest for all, and where each member gets its turn with his/her own highlight.

Ecuador in all its variety and diversity for example, offers something for all: for the family as a whole, and experience just for the kids and the possibility to create moments alone for the parent(s) as well.

Talk to your Biulu Travel Creator about your family and what each member would like to experiment in their holidays, to incorporate those during your travels.


What I Want To Be When I Grow Up Experiences

We all have dreams what we want to be when we grow up, and what is a better time than a holiday to try this out! Many kids, for example, have the dream of working with animals when they grow up. Why not take the time to volunteer at an amazon animal rescue centre. You can take a few hours, or a few days, and assist at a centre that helps rehabilitate animals that were rescued from illegal trafficking or being a pet. When you have a bit more time, combine this with a visit to the release site of the animals that can be reinserted in the jungle. Tell us your dreams, and let’s create it together: become an archaeologist for a day, a whale investigar, a fisherman, a firefighter……dreams can come true!

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Explorers' Experiences

A walk can become an adventure if you put a game element into it! And this can be done anywhere – nature or city, long or short – convert you walk into interactive explorations which are fun for the whole family: mystery solving, treasure hunt seeking, instagramable adventures – all is possible.

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Learn By Doing Experiences

What is the best way to learn something? By doing it! We instinctively learn through active exploration, as we are born with natural curiosity and an explorer mindset. Travelling creates a natural setting to get out of your comfort zone, explore and learn so much about the world and yourself. Children especially have the natural ability to break invisible boundaries between people and turn everything into a game. They do not feel limited by language or cultural barriers and will take the lessons learned while travelling with them throughout their whole life. We can facilitate the opportunities to help with the crops, milk a cow, play a game of soccer – and learn that the world is different and similar everywhere.

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We Create personalized Dream Trips

The concept of Biulu Travel was born out of the our own personal idea that knowledge and expertise necessary for creating amazing and personalized travel experiences and excellent in-country service should be independent and not linked in anyway to the height of the budget one can and is willing to spend on accommodation and such. How can it be that if you want the best legal advice you can pay a lawyer just for that, and know that it is independent – but in the travel business this is not the case. Sharing our knowledges, our first hand experiences, and most of all the love for the countries we live work and travel in, is what we love to do. Our initial base is Ecuador, where one of the founders of the company is located, with the intention to grow to other countries where we know there are like-minded people!

All of us working for Biulu also work or have worked for other operating agencies and are happy that we can now share our knowledge and service directly with you, and not only to other operators!