Lovingly called the enchanted islands by locals, the archipelago is famous for being a living laboratory of the evolution theory of Darwin. The volcanic islands are a spectacular scenery for wildlife watching, both on land and underwater – and it is a beautiful journey for all ages to one of the world’s most unique natural treasures.

Every step you take on the Galapagos is an experience, as the most unique sensation here is to really be a guest of nature, welcomely invited by all its inhabitants, from the curious and playful sealions to the slow-walking giant tortoises, to the dancing blue footed boobies and patient land iguanas. All are great hosts and make for wonderful memories and lessons of evolution.

Galapagos is a destination filled with EXPERIENCES! Talk to your Biulu Travel Creator to incorporate the experiences that you would like to have during your travels to the Galapagos – combine and play with combination between land-based and live-aboard to experience the best of both worlds!


Active Galapagos Experiences

Many people think that Galapagos can only passively be observed, being a spectator of this natural beauty, while a guide explains about the species that you see. But you can also discover the Galapagos actively, and join the different species in their natural habitat! Kayak, SUP, snorkelling, mountain biking and hiking are activities that can be done from the different inhabited islands, while Enjoying the marvellous wonders they have to offer.

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Underwater Galapagos Experiences

Many argue that the Galapagos are even more beautiful in its 133,000 square kilometres marine reserve underwater – to be discovered especially while scuba diving. A live-aboard cruise is not the only way to dive at the Galapagos, although it is the only way to discover the most northern islands famous for its numerous hammerhead shark population. A island-based program can also be designed, including diving day tours to the different diving spots around the archipelago. And do not forget it is never too late to learn a new skill, and what is a better place to learn how to dive and obtain your PADI certificate at the Galapagos Islands.

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Galapagos Interactive Experiences

Galapagos is a living laboratory, and here it is easy to observe the impact that humankind had on the natural habitat of other species. But also, here we can see how big an impact we can have on nature, also positively, with small actions. Experiment camping on a permaculture farm, help to combat invasive species by eradicating them and replacing them with native and endemic species, volunteer for a day at a beach clean-up or get to know a bit more about the local history of humans on the Galapagos by listening to stories while doing a coffee tasting

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We Create personalized Dream Trips

The concept of Biulu Travel was born out of the our own personal idea that knowledge and expertise necessary for creating amazing and personalized travel experiences and excellent in-country service should be independent and not linked in anyway to the height of the budget one can and is willing to spend on accommodation and such. How can it be that if you want the best legal advice you can pay a lawyer just for that, and know that it is independent – but in the travel business this is not the case. Sharing our knowledges, our first hand experiences, and most of all the love for the countries we live work and travel in, is what we love to do. Our initial base is Ecuador, where one of the founders of the company is located, with the intention to grow to other countries where we know there are like-minded people!

All of us working for Biulu also work or have worked for other operating agencies and are happy that we can now share our knowledge and service directly with you, and not only to other operators!