Personal Connection

In this fast-changing world, where rhythm of life is sometime to fast to stay in touch with and hear our inner voice, a journey can create these crucial moments to re-establish the connection with ourselves again. You do not necessarily have to plan your whole trip around reestablishing this personal connection – although this is ofcourse also possible, but within any type of trip you can create these moments and experiences for yourself.

Talk to your Biulu Travel Creator to incorporate the experiences that you would like to have during your travels.


Connect With The Heart Experiences

Sometimes the challenge is in creating the silence around us to be able to hear ourselves again. With all the noise and movement in our daily lives, taking a break from this to spend a few days in a tropical forest surrounded by a lot of green but little pressure is all we need to reconnect with our body and soul. Many beautiful spots are available around Ecuador to stay and nurture body and soul and to walk along the paths in the forest. Yoga, Tai Chi and other ancient medicinal techniques will be at your disposition as well.

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Total Relax Experiences

Tensions in life are not only reflected in the mind, but also in the body. When the body can relax, with a good massage, thermal baths, or fresh fruits – the mind can start to unwind aswll. In Ecuador there are many spots where you will find an escape for just a few hours or a few days.

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Hiking For The Soul Experiences

It is not the destination that matters, but the journey – this famous saying most probably refers to the curative powers of walking. Just putting one foot in front of another, and bit by bit the mind starts to unravel and you start to get different insights and voices. It does not matter if it is a difficult hike through the mountains, or a stroll along the beach, the point is to just walk and be. Let us know your preferred surroundings, and we will recommend the spot and prepare the logistics.

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We Create personalized Dream Trips

The concept of Biulu Travel was born out of the our own personal idea that knowledge and expertise necessary for creating amazing and personalized travel experiences and excellent in-country service should be independent and not linked in anyway to the height of the budget one can and is willing to spend on accommodation and such. How can it be that if you want the best legal advice you can pay a lawyer just for that, and know that it is independent – but in the travel business this is not the case. Sharing our knowledges, our first hand experiences, and most of all the love for the countries we live work and travel in, is what we love to do. Our initial base is Ecuador, where one of the founders of the company is located, with the intention to grow to other countries where we know there are like-minded people!

All of us working for Biulu also work or have worked for other operating agencies and are happy that we can now share our knowledge and service directly with you, and not only to other operators!