Keep On Learning

Keep learning. Keep Growing. Keep Exploring! Of all experiences we have in life, we continue to learn and to evolve. Travelling is the unique opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and experiment something you have always been curious about, but that has not crossed your path until now.

The diversity of Ecuador and Galapagos offers excellent opportunities for learning. Talk to your Biulu Travel Creator to incorporate the experiences that you would like to have during your travels.


Learn a New Skill Experiences

Learn how to photograph animals in movement, learn to draw, identify medicinal herbs and plants and what they are used for, learn how to live with a smaller footprint in this world, learn how to dive or learn a new language. The possibilities are infinite, and what better way to experiment than right in the spot. It can be a skill that you have been wanting to improve by putting it in practice, such as wildlife photography of for example joining a biologist to identify whale tails and learn how to photograph them well. Or it can be a curiosity that you had since you were Young, such as how it would be to work at an archaeological site for a day. Think back and put something on your exploration bucket list.

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Cultural Experiences

Sometimes we travel to a place, take a stroll along a square and sit down on a small bench at the park and think “what would our life been like if we would have been born here?”. An experience of sharing a meal, an activity or a few days walk in the shoes of another person, can give you a different view on life and bring you lessons that you will take along with you back home. When sharing daily life in a different culture, you get to know how so many things are just the same, even if they seem different from the other side. You discover that even between the most diverse cultures, we have more similarities than differences.

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Face Your Fears Experiences

Find your personal limits and see how you can stretch them a Little. If you manage to stretch your limits in one part of your life, you will see that in other parts you will be more resilient as well! And this will maybe lead to take that Little plunge to realise a lifelong dream. It does not matter if this is taking a night walk in the jungle while having a fear of bugs, take the ultimate steps to the summit of a volcano, or face your fear of heights while ziplining over a river – the feeling after you have done any of this will feel incredible. Tell us your challenge and we will find something suitable!

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We Create personalized Dream Trips

The concept of Biulu Travel was born out of the our own personal idea that knowledge and expertise necessary for creating amazing and personalized travel experiences and excellent in-country service should be independent and not linked in anyway to the height of the budget one can and is willing to spend on accommodation and such. How can it be that if you want the best legal advice you can pay a lawyer just for that, and know that it is independent – but in the travel business this is not the case. Sharing our knowledges, our first hand experiences, and most of all the love for the countries we live work and travel in, is what we love to do. Our initial base is Ecuador, where one of the founders of the company is located, with the intention to grow to other countries where we know there are like-minded people!

All of us working for Biulu also work or have worked for other operating agencies and are happy that we can now share our knowledge and service directly with you, and not only to other operators!