Walking On Sunshine, And Dancing In The Rain

Moving through life – walking, running, with full attention or with your mind wandering to other places and times. First steps sometimes seem so difficult, but in general once you just focus on the first step and then the next, without an overwhelming huge end goal in mind, it results that a journey is just that – many consecutive steps one after another.


Walking through the mountains can be so therapeutical. You start and you just walk, you sometimes smile and look up at a sunny sky, and there will be a point when you curse having started in the first place because it seems to be never ending. There will be breath-taking viewpoints, and other moments when you encounter some difficulties. But invariably when you finish you have this amazing feeling and fond new memories and anecdotes. And when walking, your mind also slowly come to ease, focussing on just your steps and with an insight of something completely irrelevant to the walk.


In Ecuador, one of the nicest walks I have done is from Isinlivi, passing through Chugchilan and ending at the Quilotoa Craterlake. On the wish list is still to hike from Quilotoa all the way to Sigchos.

If you are looking to have this hike included in your Ecuador travels, or to create a journey around this experience, please contact our travel creators at Biulu whom will give you first-hand information and guidance and whom will be here every step of the way, both when booking and while travelling.