Whales Reunited

Close together, something that has been so natural for most that we never thought about it, has gotten to a different significance all around the world over the past 16 months. Travelling brings us together, us people and also the whales that travel great distances every year to meet again, to communicate, to breed, to celebrate life by jumping out of the water, and to continue onwards.

The waters along the pacific coast line of Ecuador, and especially the waters in between Puerto Lopez and Isla de la Plata are the unique playing ground for the Humpback Whales whom travel every year thousands of miles south to meet, mate and breed. A spectacular show of jumping and swimming of these magnificent creature of which we still know so little.

Living beings that communicate in a language we do not yet understand, but whose sounds calm and soothe us. And looking at this spectacle from the beach or on a respecting distance from a boat is something that you will never forget!

“Every year for the past 20 years, I have travelled to the coast of Ecuador to my own yearly pilgrimage to look at the whales, and every year I am humbled to see them jumping out of the water. These yearly meetings remind me of how small we are, and how we are all interrelated. For the past years, my daughter has accompanied me and now at the age of 10 it is still so beautiful to see the eagerness and awe in her eyes when she sees the whales. We do this trip every year with Cristina, who owed Palo Santo Travel and works as a Marine Biologist for the Pacific Whale Foundation. And every year we learn new things and I think there are great lessons to be learned for all ages just by watching them! - Nicole (July 2021)

If you are looking to have this experiences with whales included in your Ecuador travels, or to create a journey around this experience, please contact our travel creators at Biulu whom will give you first hand information and guidance and whom will be here every step of the way, both when booking and while travelling. Bare in mind that the whales visit the coast of Ecuador between mid June and mid October each year.