Amazon Retreat

To retreat means to withdraw, and in current times not to withdraw in sign of defeat, but simply remove oneself from the everyday occurrences of life and to recharge, reset and restructure. Where better to do this than in the Amazon, right amidst the lush green forest and with a view over the river Napo that flows towards the Amazon River.


Forest bathing, shinrin-yoku, means being immersed in the forest with all your senses: smelling, touching, seeing, tasting and hearing all the jungle has to offer. The Ecuadorian Amazon offers the perfect setting to enjoy a retreat and compliment the mere being immersed in nature with a variety of options in a retreat. Whether you are looking for a detox, yoga, traditional termazcal sauna with herbs, relaxing massages, a space to meditate and reflect, complimented with micro dosing or other personal healing ceremonies - you are more than welcome in this small river retreat.


“I myself went there in a turning point of my life, to mark a moment and to initiate this second half of 2021 with renewed energy. Crossing the river, and walking in the forest already cleaned my head of past troubles, and made room for new thoughts and options. The termazcal, which is a traditional indigenous steam sauna in a very small hut was amazingly cleansing, due to the over 15 herbs, barks and fruits that had boiled on a fire since the morning and that formed a steam when thrown over the heated rocks which cleansed my body, which went into further relaxation after a massage overlooking the river with matico, an amazon plant that anti-inflammatory properties. All was complimented with a vegan/ayurvedic diet, additional detoxing juices, meditation and yoga practices. One of the highlights, before returning to the world with new gained insights, was the floral bath made for me overlooking the river. Definitely a recommendation for anyone looking for a spot to reset!” Nicole (June 2021)


If you are looking to enter this retreat into your Ecuador travels, or to create a journey around this retreat, please contact our travel creators at Biulu whom will give you first hand information and guidance and whom will be here every step of the way, both when booking and while travelling.